Parking lots look so much nicer when they are well maintained. Not only does a well maintained parking lot look nicer, it enhances the overall appearance of your business.

Part of every parking lot maintenance program should include periodic scheduled sweeping. Periodic sweeping will keep your parking lot looking clean and fresh for your customers and employees. Remember, your parking lot is your welcome mat, it can be clean and give off a positive impression, or dirty and trashy and render a negative impression of your business. Always go for the positive impression.

Parking lot sweeping is normally done after hours at night. Sweeping is performed by a truck with rotating sweeping brushes mounted on the undercarriage of the truck. 

  • Efficient cleaning of your lot
  • One time or regular scheduled service
  • Good for large lots

Trash, dripped splotches of food and coffee, oil and gas from vehicles, dust, sand, and dirt, all accumulate in a parking lot. This material contributes to the deterioration of pavement and concrete, and is tracked into the interior of your business.

  • Eliminate trash from your lot
  • Reduce dust, dirt, and sand
  • Enhances the overall appearance